Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Bahama Mama

The Bahama Mama looks like one of those drinks that gets made at the end of a party when all the good mixers are gone and only novelty liquors are left.

I'm starting to regret starting with rum drinks.

Anyway, I feel that I may owe this drink another try, as I made a substitution or two that may have affected things.

Anyway, the recipe:
.5 oz Dark Rum (Myers)
.5 oz Coconut Liqueur
(Ok, here I have to explain my behavior. Coconut-flavor I usually find to be horrible. I also feared that this drink, like the last few, would be over-sugared and under-boozed and therefore substituted the last dregs of my bottle of Malibu instead. This may have been an error.)
.25 oz 151-proof rum
.25 oz Coffee liqueur (I used a concoction that my friend Chris gave me, which is super-coffee. I think that this recipe probably needed the more mellow flavor of Kahlua.)
.5 oz Lemon juice
4 oz Pineapple juice

Shake it all with ice and pour into an ice-filled highball glass. Garnish with a strawberry or cherry.

My version is, well, icky. I think it's the homemade coffee liqueur, which although nice on its own (thanks, Chris) or in a white or black russian, doesn't belong in a fruity drink. If I manage to finish it, I'll make another with more careful measuring and Kahlua. I'm still going to use Malibu, however, since I don't have coconut liqueur and don't plan to buy any, but maybe I'll add a dash of simple syrup to better approximate.


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