Monday, February 27, 2006

A Day at the Beach

Entry #1 in the Mr. Boston Rum section: A Day at the Beach.

This entry is a little out of place given that today the bay area is besieged with rainstorms, but let's just call it wishful thinking, shall we?

I was sad that this was the first drink of the journey, since the ingredients are Amaretto, coconut rum, OJ, and grenadine. Sounds sugary and nasty, right? I mean, coconut rum is pretty vile usually.

However, it seems that coconut + almond is a winning combination here. I actually said "Wow!" after my first taste. It's very sweet, yes, but with a nice mellow flavor that has none of the acridness I usually associate with coconut rum. In fact, something about the coconut rum in the shaker makes the drink a bit frothy and smooth.

Plus, it has the whole pretty sunrise thing going on.
1 oz coconut rum (Malibu)
1/2 oz Amaretto (Disarrono)
4 oz OJ
Shake and pour into an ice-filled highball glass.
Top with 1/2 oz grenadine. (Rose's)
Garnish with a strawberry and slice of pineapple. (I didn't have either, so went with an orange and cherry instead, and a festive floral stirrer.)


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