Sunday, May 13, 2007

Rain Man

Ok, first triathlon of the season is over, so now I've got a nice backlog of posts to get through, and more to come. I must get through this darn rum section soon. Only about 6 pages left!

I normally don't keep Midori in the house. It's not my favorite liqueur--cloying, without real "melon" flavor in my opinion. This drink doesn't really change my opinion much, either. I don't understand why Midori is so often mixed with orange juice. It makes a ghastly color, and the flavors end up mixing in a way that causes a bit of harshness and some bitterness. But the 151 evens it out by getting you buzzed nice and fast.


1.25 oz 151 proof rum (Bacardi 151)
.75 oz melon liqueur (Midori)
4 oz OJ
Shake and pour into an ice-filled hurricane or parfait glass.


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Awsome Photos, love the drinks!


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