Tuesday, June 27, 2006


A few of you cocktail bloggers out there pointed to the NYT "The Cuke" recipe, the winner of the summer cocktail contest. I wanted to try it out, but it's a pitcher drink. I decided to try to make a single one. I had coincidentally made cucumber salad on Saturday, and so with the Cuke in mind I kept the watery seedy parts and made them into cucumber juice. This juice and some extra cucumber went into a glass with mint, lime, and sugar. The rest was made just like a mojito except with Hendricks.

And I drank it right down, forgetting entirely to take a photo. No more plain mojitos for me this summer, no. Mmmmmm.

Also, I must give another plug for my local wine and liquor store, Beltramos. I just discovered that not only did they have some Falernum, but they also carry Fee Bros. orange and peach bitters! Don't go in right away to buy the peach--I got the last bottle on the shelf.

Those guys know their stuff, and are always ready with a recommendation that has never been wrong. The only problem is that I keep buying stuff there to try out that isn't on my Mr. Boston list. And my liquor storage is overflowing again.


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