Friday, March 31, 2006

Boston Sidecar

I'm a fan with the regular Sidecar, which is brandy, triple sec, and lemon juice. I don't know what it is about lime+rum that makes this drink more Bostony.

Also, the recipe for this drink ends up being a little under 3 oz. That makes for a pretty empty-looking cocktail glass, so I kept the same proportions and bulked it up a little to fill the glass. It did make me a little tipsy, though. Tee-hee.

.75 oz brandy (Raynal VSOP)
.75 oz light rum (Bacardi Silver)
.75 oz Triple Sec
.5 oz lime juice


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Several of us were out on friday and tried these with Remy Martin congac. Delicious and alcoholic.


7:10 AM  

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