Saturday, September 09, 2006

Pegu Club

Over Labor day weekend, I visited Manhattan for a friend's wedding. Which meant we had to make a pilgrimage to the Pegu Club.

We arrived at 9pm on a Saturday, and it was surprisingly quiet. Things sure picked up at the end, however, and by the time we left (I have no idea when that was) it was pretty packed.

Because we were a large group sitting at a table, we ordered off the cocktails menu. I'll try to remember the names the best I can: I had a Pineapple Pisco Sour, a Roosevelt, and a Pegu Club Cocktail. (I was trying to go from sweet to dry.) But Julian and I approached the bar to see what kind of individual service we could get (sadly, our waitress was a tad on the slow side). Our bartender Brian was quick to suggest new cocktails, and geeked out with us for a while. Soon it got too busy and he couldn't chat any more, but by that time we were beyond intelligent conversation anyway.

I am very sad that the Pegu Club is a few thousand miles away, because I have not had bartenders or cocktails of that quality anywhere.

However, we are moving to San Francisco proper in one short week, and I intend to do more research.


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